Daily Ninja – State of the Market

Wrap up:

Clifton Smith wins the gas card.
The market is moving fast, you must be prepared.

More Thoughts:

The open house was a lot of fun.  What a great home and neighborhood.  Congratulations Will.  I hope that you get the change to use the gift card to look at more homes and find the perfect one for you and yours.

Too often a market like the one we are in seams to benefit real estate agents that are unprepared.  This market makes it easy to buy and sell a home but you don’t always come out smelling like a rose. The right agent is more important in a market like this than almost any other market.  How do you get the most our of your investment?  You need a professional that is prepared and that will help you be prepared to win.

Daily Ninja – My Challenge


Tomorrow I am doing an open house, check my facebook page for more details.
Sun Devils play Texas A&M tomorrow, support our guys.

20 posts about kind acts toward cops on my facebook page buy 9/11 and the next office client I have gets 4% rate to sell their home.


More thoughts:

Our cops are heroes.  Treat them like this everyday and remember that they are people, not robots.

Dialy Ninja – First steps to selling


Know how much you still owe.

Call me so can determine your actual equity.

More Thoughts:

It is easy to get carried away with big numbers and over estimate how much your home is worth.  We all do it, our stuff must be worth more than everybody else’s.  That is why I am here.  I will show you the data that proves what your home is worth at fair market value.  Then we will discuss 3 marketing and listing strategies and determine which is best for your goals.

Daily Ninja – Starting the buying process



Get your pre-approval first.
Sort the MLS on price, home size, lot size, and location

More thoughts:

Your pre-approval is only a starting point.  Once you have an initial pre-approval letter you can and should shop around.  With as fast as today’s market is moving, you must be prepared to make an offer within a day or two of seeing the house.  To make an offer and be prepared to follow through you have to know that you can get the loan.

When sorting the MLS you need to use minimums and maximums.  You can waste a lot of time and effort if you only use maximums.  Finding the right homes to view is just as important as knowing what to look for when viewing.  As I said before, this market is moving fast and you can’t afford to have time spent looking at homes that you won’t be interested in, just because you filtered your search results incorrectly.

Daily Ninja – Averages ad Stock Market Affect


In July, the average selling price of home in Arizona was a whopping $282,168

According to Realtor.com, short term adjustments in the market have no affect on the real estate market.  But watching the market can prepare you to predict when long term changes are coming so that you can be ahead of the curve.


More thoughts:

That’s a nice fence, now get off of it!  This is the market every home owner dreams about.  You can sell your home, get into the home that will fit your family better for the next 5-10 years, and make money doing it.  Investors are watching the stock market and slowing down on property investments because of fear.  But home prices are still anticipated to rise for the next 5 years or more.  You have recovered your losses from the crash of ’08 and then some.  You have equity and you have great opportunities in the buyers market.  There will not be a better time to make your move.  So, as I said before, That’s a nice fence, now get off of it and call me.



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